Inmate Mail

No Handwritten Notes

Kenton County Detention Center no longer allows written letters to come in the mail - The only type of personal mail allowed will be postal postcards.

If any hand written letters come in they will be returned to sender. Postal post cards are purchased at a post office. They are plain and pre-stamped. Must be written in pen or pencil: no markers, crayons, etc.

This policy is necessary in an attempt to decrease the amount of contraband entering the Jail through regular envelopes. The postcard incoming mail restriction does not apply to the Department of Corrections, Courts, practicing attorneys, public officials or approved clergy. If a handwritten personal letter is found in the inmates legal mail, then the handwritten letter will be disposed of and the legal mail will be delivered.

Additional Stipulations

  • All photos sent in must have a stamp on the back. Only six 4 inch by 6 inch photos are allowed per inmate, per stay. All photos are logged.
  • If mailing money orders for food purchases and e-cigarettes, the envelope must be addressed "Aramark c/o Kenton County Detention Center".
  • Inmate to Inmate correspondence is strictly prohibited.
  • Postcards must have a return address or it will be destroyed. Must have senders full name or it will be returned. Address labels are not allowed.